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Loved it! This place is not very far from Ottawa so it was an easy drive to get there. What an amazing place! It’s very large, tons of pools and saunas. I loved the rest areas and the restaurants. Definitely coming back.

Carla H.

Was an amazing experience, very peaceful relaxing and beautiful. Really enjoyed being there, was great to experience the transition from sunshine, sunset to night. The night is so romantic and pretty, everything is lit up elegantly. Restaurant was on the pricey side but the food was very good.

Anna Maria. A.

After a few visits to this magical place, I have yet to find anything negative to report. An absolutely fabulous experience!! Elegant, cozy, clean and very organized. Staff is extremely professional and attentive. Will definitely keep visiting.

Mike M.

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Find Your Place in the Sun This Spring

Feel the first rays of springtime sunshine on your face. Bask in the gentle breeze which carries the scent of budding flowers. Awaken your senses after a long winter and before a fruitful summer. This spring, bloom with nature at the spa. Find inspiration, relaxation and plenty to explore with the thermal experience. Whether it’s a family vacation, a solo retreat, a romantic escape or a friendly get-together, book now to enjoy a springtime getaway at the spa.

10 outdoor baths 
4 restaurants with terraces
1 infinity pool
9 different saunas
Outdoor massage pavilions
Many outdoor rest areas
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Awaken Your Sense With the Thermal Experience

Try the Thermal Experience

What is the thermal experience?

Here, it is a collection of wellness installations unique to Nordik. Saunas, baths and rest areas all come together to create the thermal cycle: a cyclical experience rich in history and benefits. An exfoliation room, sauna rituals and a meditation space are all part of the thermal experience.

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Body care
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Complimentary rituals 

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Celebrate Spring at Nordik Spa-Nature

Treat yourself or those you care for to a well-deserved and much-awaited sunshine-filled spa getaway.

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