Dinner at Restö
10 outdoor baths
1 exfoliation room
Aufguss rituals
Local beers in the Biërgarden
Shared plates in the Lounge
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Loved it! This place is not very far from Ottawa so it was an easy drive to get there. What an amazing place! It’s very large, tons of pools and saunas. I loved the rest areas and the restaurants. Definitely coming back.

Carla H.

This place is magic. I have been a half-dozen times in the last few years, experiencing all four
seasons and enjoying the uniqueness of the spa in those different settings immensely. Staff provide wonderful service and upon the first visit, I found it so refreshing that I was able to look around and not see any phones.

Sabrina C.

After a few visits to this magical place, I have yet to find anything negative to report. An absolutely fabulous experience!! Elegant, cozy, clean and very organized. Staff is extremely professional and attentive. Will definitely keep visiting.

Mike M.

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Treat your loved ones to a restful escape in a winter wellness wonderland unlike any other.

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Add relaxation to your winter calendar with a spa day filled with warmth, chill and rest.

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The Era of Self-Care

Leave the morning rush, the daily grind and the evening traffic behind. Slow down. Immerse yourself in a world where your mental and physical health come first; where taking time for yourself transcends mere indulgence and becomes a restorative act, with benefits that extend far beyond the now. Dive into the serene embrace of Källa, delight in the offerings at our tables, bask in the warmth of fire, baths and the community that surrounds you. This winter, take good care of yourself.

Give Time

Take Good Care of Yourself This Winter

7 body care treatments
7 saunas & 2 steam rooms 
Complimentary rituals
Massages in nature pavilions
The Källa flotation pool
4 personalized massages
Book Your New Personal Day
Because you believe self-care means slowing down
Because you believe self-care is best shared with friends

Winter Reading Material

Let the spa’s stories transport you to faraway lands and introduce you to new traditions while you cozy up by the fire this winter. 
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